Home co-ownership is a new idea - let's talk about it

At Social Equity we are opening the conversations to everyone, from those who are interested in home co-ownership to groups that are ready to buy, and everyone in-between.

Sharing the non-traditional path to homeownership

You're unique and so are your needs, let's discuss how buying with others offers new advantages in this challenging home ownership climate

Checking to see if co-homeownership is for you
The impact that sharing homeownership can have

Discussing the barriers & challenges of homeownership

With so many factors at play when looking to take that next step in owning your home, we discuss:

The external factors that keep you “rent-stuck”
Outlooks from others that are in the same situation

How to prepare &
think like a homeowner

Shifting your mindset as a homeowner is just as important as physically moving spaces, so we discuss:

How leveraging homeownership shapes your financial future
How to go about shifting your mindset towards value

Whatever home is to you,
let’s help you find it.

Find your home today

Let’s discuss housemates & how to find yours

Sharing space, harmoniously with others is important...learn more about how to create the community you want in the place you want to live.

If renting is the only reason to have housemates
The value others can have on your living experience

Defining what home means for you and others

Home can mean so many things to each of us, so we gain new perspectives by discussing:

The various definitions of home from others
How others make their space, their home
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